Life Journal


我是 Xiao Xiao,在日本的产品经理,偶尔也写代码,iOS/Mac/Web,偶尔也做设计,爱用 Sketch,偶尔写文字,存在这里。

A Total Redesign of Xiaoblog

It’s hard to become a mature web designer nowadays,as tons of brandly new techs are coming out everyday.Just a few years ago the web 2.0 concept just came out totally strange,but today the most fasionable designers are talking about CSS3.0 and even further HTML 5.0.At the beginning of 2008 Jquery was used in less than 30 percent websites,while  till the end of that year over 80% designers prefer to use it .

Frankly say,I’m only a starter in this field,a little xhtml and css,mixed by some php,these are the ingredients I can handle.However,that’s far from enough,enough to produce an elegant design.

Lace,Corner,and finally I found out that,maybe a graphic designer can do even better than i did.I have to admit that lacking the ability to use Photoshop is fatal.Downslide,Slipitem,picking up javascript seems so urgent for me.And what else?When doing with a Flex project,I gave up the twisted “events”.

Complaints are over.

I made up my mind to do a total redesign of the blog today.Viewing the other designers’ websites,I can not tolerate mine looking that way.All I need is to be mature,to be professional,to be elegant.So I start it this night.