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Is Confucius Coming Back to China?

When talking about the coming Qingming Festival,my English teacher mentioned an interesting opinion,saying the Confucius was returning to China.He believed that what we do during that festival is sort of an ancestor worship.And in another hand,Confucius is regarded as the most important one of the Chinese cultural ancestors.My dear teacher just linked these two facts magically.

However,facts around me are quite different from what he expected.Though we are taught since primary school how great Confucius is,I don’t think we learn that much about Confucianism.Look at ourselves,how many can recite the  analects of Confucius?Many of us just know how valuable it is,without a glimpse of it ever.It’s even impossible for most adults to recall any part of that great book.

We are forgetting our ancestors.We have the Qingming festival just because we wish to confort the dead,which none of our great ancestors had ever told us to do.There is nothing to do with the ancestor worship.

Maybe the fact is just the opposite,Confucius is dying in China?