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我是 Xiao Xiao,在日本的产品经理,偶尔也写代码,iOS/Mac/Web,偶尔也做设计,爱用 Sketch,偶尔写文字,存在这里。

What's this file extension for?

In Windows System,one who knows a little on software is aware of what file extensions are used for.But there are times when a completely new one come to you while you can never figure it out what it is.Say,some day you received an email attached with a file with the file extension qif,quite puzzled right?

In the past, different file extensions was associated with different softwares.But soon people found that was so troublesome when you had to remember which software should you use to open a file with specified file extension.Therefore common standards were set.Today we can use all kinds of image viewers to browse the file with jpeg entension,all because the Joint Photographic Experts Group made the standard for jpeg.When every big head in the software field learns how important a standard is,software development became easy too.

But exceptions stills exist.When I got that mail,I really didn’t know what the file extension qif was for.There are companies who made his own file format,so other software may never open it correctly,such as Microsoft–office series.May the file extension qif is also a result of this?

So in fact what is that for?I don’t know~

Happy April Fool’s Day~